Foam Rollers & Massage Balls

Regularly using a Foam Roller and/or Massage Balls offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage, including reducing inflammation and joint stress, improving circulation and flexibility and therefore helping to ease aches and pains caused from tight muscles.

Regularly foam rolling pre and post workout will mean you will help prepare your muscles for the workout ahead and also help with post muscle recovery reducing the effect of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

Foam rolling will not replace the benefits of a sports massage, as a sports massage therapist will be able to target the areas of tightness more precisely and in areas foam rollers and massage balls may struggle to reach but couple them together by using your foam roller between your sports massage appointments will help prolong the effects of the sports massage and help space out your appointments.

Here is a list of benefits form rolling offers;

 Prevents Injury & Helps You Recover Fast

 Breaks Up Scar Tissue

 Improves Mobility And Flexibility

 Removes Lactic Acid To Aid Recovery

Saves You Money

However be aware there are still cons to using a foam roller.

1. The foam roller won’t be able to feed back and tell you what the tissue feels like, people think pain is good. But pain is also the bodies way of telling you there’s something wrong.

2. Your foam rolling tight muscles to loosen them off only the question is why are they tight? Imagine a tent pole with guide-ropes keeping it straight. A couple become tight pulling the pole towards them putting the opposite ones on stretch. Now they all feel tight, so do they all want loosening off?

3. IT-Band to foam roll or not to foam roll. It’s very easy to foam roll everything that feels tight but having the understanding and knowledge to know why your foam rolling a particular area and what your trying to achieve and lack of knowledge and understanding can lead to using a foam roller incorrectly and ultimately put yourself at risk.

Ask your therapist for further information and advise of what and how to foam roll correctly and safely.

Hope this helps ?