Continuous Professional Development


Why Further Your Manual Therapy Career With Us?

We offer:

A wide range of CPD training for Manual Therapists including sports massage therapists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists & Chiropractors

Highly recommended courses that receive excellent feedback from our students.

A passionate, experienced and highly skilled team of tutors who are committed to delivering the best learning outcomes to our students.

The tools, techniques, expertise and insights that you need to take your career forward.

Access to new ideas, inspiration and cutting-edge developments to keep your passion for the field strong.

The chance to make new friends and to build your professional network – something that is vital for your future career.

The toolkit that you need to develop your business and to gain more clients, through the demonstration of your quality as a professional sports massage therapist.


From BTST Academy

Why invest in CPD?
The CPD requirement is far more than a ‘tick in the box’ exercise. Quality CPD allows you to demonstrate your competency in the field and your commitment to furthering your skills and knowledge. It also evidences your passion for becoming an increasingly skilled practitioner in the field and allows you to fulfil your full potential throughout your professional career.

Business growth.
Not only does this benefit you in terms of your future career opportunities, but it also demonstrates to your clients and patients that you are completely committed to delivering the finest level of patient care and to practising the latest skills and techniques for the best possible results – winning your new business in the process.

Many employing organisations – including government bodies – require practitioners to demonstrate that they are maintaining their competence levels in the field by investing in regular continuous personal development courses. Invariably, the finest sports massage therapists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and other manual therapists  are keen to regularly undertake CPD in a variety of formats in order to embrace lifelong learning. Do this and you’ll stay ahead of your game and at the forefront of your profession, enjoying more business and ever-improving career prospects as you go.