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Taught by the renowned Financial Strategist Philippa Scobie

The Profitable Solopreneur Course is an online course taught by renowned Financial Strategist Philippa Scobie.

The Profitable Solopreneur is the only online training of its kind that shows you exactly how to create and implement your winning financial processes and consistently show up for your business by owning your numbers and driving growth through informed decision making.

My signature program will help you change the way you run your business to be profitable, financially organised and confident.

💎 What’s included?

Lifetime access to 6-modules of pre-recorded lessons for you to watch and work through at your own pace.

Recorded Q&As to answer any questions you have had as you worked your way through the various modules.


Entrance Requirements: 

There are no Entrance requirements for this course.

Course Structure; 

Heres what you will put into action 

  • Pay yourself consistently each month
  • Complete clarity around your expenses and how to budget for them
  • Plan effectively for taxes and reporting obligations
  • Create and implement time saving finance tools to keep you accountable and profitable
  • Consistently know where you stand financially and have touch of a button financial reports
  • Become the Finance Director of your own business without realising it!

6 Modules; 

  • 01; Getting Started!
  • 02; Bookkeeping 101
  • 03; Expenses – What’s Allowed?
  • 04; Show Me The Money!
  • 05; Cash Management
  • 06; Become Your Own FD

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