ROCKTAPE Functional Movement Taping – Advanced Taping – Day 2


7th April 2019

Location; Nottinghamshire

Course Price; £150

Join us for day’s 1&2 for; £250

This course has been designed for those who have completed FMT1 or another introductory taping course. If you have taped before, are confident of the basics and are looking for some advanced taping skills this is the day for you. Put simply FMT2 will take your taping to the next level. FMT2 will refine and expand Symptom Reduction and Postural Control tapings learnt on FMT1 and introduce exciting new techniques such as ‘Tweak Taping’ to enhance and elongate the effects of manual therapy. And our unique movement screening and ‘Power Taping’ applications.

FMT2 Course Outline:

  • Detailed Research Review

  • Advanced Symptom Reduction Taping

  • Advanced Postural Control Taping

  • Tweak Taping

  • Movement Screening and Power taping

  • Integrating ROCKTAPE into your clinical practise

  • Clinical problem solving

FMT2 Learning Objectives

  • Improve knowledge of research evidence

  • Perfect tape handling skills

  • Expand scope of what injuries/problems kinesiology taping is used to treat

  • Improve understanding of how to best use taping as part of your treatment system​


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