Rehabilitation For Shoulder, Lower Back, Hip & Knee CPD

8th, 9th & 10th May 2019


3 Day Rehabilitation For Shoulder, Lower Back, Hip & Knee CPD with Tim Allardyce


8th May – Day 1; Shoulder (GHJ)
9th May – Day 2; Lower back (LSP) 
10th May – Day 3; Hip & Knee

Location; Nottinghamshire


The Summit Centre,

Course Price; 1 day £150 / 2 days £250 / 3 days £350

Payable in full at time of booking

​Course Description:

This three-day CPD course will cover common injures and dysfunctions, joint anatomy, evidence based examination and intervention strategies for treatment and rehabilitation for the shoulder (GHJ), lower back (LSP), Hip & knee.

Each day will consist of a combination of both theory and practical, spending a day on each area;

Day one; Shoulder (GHJ)

Day two; Lower back (LSP) 

Day three; Hip & Knee

Each day will focus on in-depth anatomy and biomechanics of the joint in order to enable the therapist to fully grasp the concept and mechanism of the most common injuries and dysfunctions seen in clinic. Critical factors related to each joint pathophysiology including injury repair and healing time will also be addressed along with proven strategies of treatment and exercise rehabilitation prescription to enable you as the therapist to feel confident in all aspects of your patients treatment.

The process of examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis for disorders of the Shoulder, Lower Back, Hip & Knee will be explored in detail. A mix of manual therapy techniques will be demonstrated to maximise the effectiveness of the rehabilitation exercise recommendations.

Common injuries and dysfunctions covered include;


– impingement syndrome

– Rotator cuff injuries

– shoulder instability

– adhesive capsulitis

– subacromial bursitis

– OA of the ACJ


Lower Back

– Disc protrusion

– Facet joint syndrome

– Piriformis syndrome

– Lumbar spondylosis



– OA

– trochanteric bursitis

– hip impingement



– PFJ syndrome / chondromalacia patella

– OA

– Tendinopathy

– Meniscus tear


To book onto 1, 2 or all 3 days please use the form below:

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