ONLINE Acupuncture CPD course

This online Sports Injury Acupuncture CPD course is taught by renowned acupuncturist Bernard Nolan. This course is an in-depth CPD course covering the theory and practical elements of Acupuncture techniques & Cupping Therapy techniques.

Location; ONLINE

Course Price; £150

Tutor; Taught by the renowned and qualified Acupuncturist Bernard Nolan

Entrance requirements: Must be a qualified therapist such as an; Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Sports Therapist, Sports Massage Therapist Etc. With previous Acupuncture or Dry Needling CPD certificate.  We may ask you to provide a copy of your qualification.

Course Structure;

The aim of this CPD course is to produce trained, competent and confident practitioners in Acupuncture & Cupping therapy techniques enabling them to complement their current treatment practices offering a comprehensive treatment approach with a full understanding of when and where to apply acupuncture & Cupping but more importantly when not to.

You will be introduced to the use of acupuncture & cupping therapy for the purpose of muscular pain relief via a blend of theory and practical components. There is a substantial amount of practical work focussing on the many aspects of acupuncture & cupping therapy where you will gain adequate practice to hone your skills enabling you to use all the techniques shown within your practice.

After the course you will be required to complete a case study, which you will have 2months to complete.
This will be thoroughly explained during the course.

Once completed you will be able to add acupuncture & cupping therapy on to your own indemnity

Cancellations; Deposit is non refundable

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